Under the Open Sky: Thanks to You, Chronicle Readers

By Kimberly Mason For The Chronicle It takes me a full month to travel from the “Bah, humbug!” feelings I experience in the early Christmas season to the joy of the season. It is at about this time every year when the deep and earnest love and heartfelt appreciation I have for our community generally overtakes and overwhelms. By the time everyone else is done celebrating the season, I’m just beginning. And the start of a new year always tends to make me a little…

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Fishing and Hunting Report: Razor Clam Dig This Week

By Kimberly Mason For The Chronicle State fishery managers have approved the first razor clam dig of 2013, which started Tuesday (Jan. 8) at Twin Harbors. Dan Ayres, WDFW coastal shellfish manager, noted that Twin Harbors beach will be open to digging for seven straight days on evening tides. No digging will be allowed there or on any beach before noon.

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First year hunter and Laborador retriever Lucie, keeps a close eye on her duck hunting companion, Jay Pattee of Salkum as he paddles his canoe across the water to fetch a downed duck. Lucie has mastered patience in the duck blind, but is in no rush to master the water retrieve — and neither is Pattee. "I don't believe in forcing a dog," said Pattee, "she'll swim when she's ready." Lucie made her first water retrieve on Lake Mayfield last week, Pattee said, "she's coming along just fine."

Under the Open Sky: Dual-Purpose Dog

Duck Hunting and Dog Training Takes Time and Patience By Kimberly Mason For The Chronicle Six months ago Lucie the Labrador retriever was found alone and near death from starvation, wandering the streets of Yakima. At the same time in Salkum, Jay Pattee was sitting in his home, looking for a dog on the Internet. “I hit this site called Res Q Angels (www.resqangels.com/). They’re in Yakima. I saw Lucie’s picture and called right away,” said Pattee. “I didn’t know if they’d let me have…

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