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Kim Mason / For The Chronicle: You should always take the time to stop and smell the roses, but beware! a Flower Crab Spider may be hiding inside. This spider doesn't spin webs, but only uses its silk to protect its eggs. Their venom is deadly, but only if you are an insect.

Under the Open Sky: Beat the Heat, Take a Woodland Hike

By Kimberly Mason For The Chronicle According to the weather report, the temperatures are supposed to soar this weekend. If you want to beat the heat you could walk in an air-conditioned mall — which is cool, but the kind of wildlife you tend to meet there tends to walk on two legs, not four. Why not head for the woods and walk in the shade? If you plan on visiting the Mossyrock Blueberry Festival on Saturday (and I highly recommend you do!), there are…

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Little Things with Wings: A Delightfully Close Look at the Hidden Beauty of Common Moths and Butterflies

By Kimberly Mason For The Chronicle My fascination with moths began last summer when I stumbled upon a stunning Polyphemus Moth on my back porch. This giant silkworm moth had tinfoil-like spots on its wings, a fur-covered back and enormous feathery antennae. My next great find was a Pale Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, perched just outside the newsroom door. It was the first opportunity I had to study the long, coiled, tongue-like proboscis of a butterfly closely and to see the velvety covering of scales in…

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Enter the Mayfield Open Tiger Musky Tournament — If You’ve Got What It Takes

By Kimberly Mason For The Chronicle “It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it,” I happily complained last year after spending the day with Cascade Musky Association president Mark Wells, plying the waters of Lake Mayfield for a few hours as we pre-fished the upcoming tiger musky tournament. After only a few hours of throwing a heavy rod with heavy line and heavy lures, my shoulders and arms were screaming for relief. I only saw the shadow of one fish that day, but I…

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Under the Open Sky: Better Safe Than Sorry

By Kimberly Mason For The Chronicle I make it a habit each week to stop by and check on the fisherman at the Barrier Dam. I don’t make it a regular habit to climb down the rock wall near the spillway, however. But Monday afternoon I decided I needed to make that scramble, both hands full of items I was sure I needed. As I stood at the top of the hill, my gut said to my (apparently) inoperative brain, “You better set something down;…

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