Calm Before The Storm

While providing a sense of being calm and irenic, a glass-like effect on Mineral Lake seems to be inviting to anyone looking for a quiet place to relax and get a way.

Up until the week leading into April 26th, that may still be the case — but I would bet anglers and travelers have already begun to settle in at the local campground as they prepare for the weekend festivities of “Opening Weekend” in Mineral, Wa.
Tucked away in a small corner of the Cascades, you just might find the small town of Mineral — that is if you don’t miss the turn-off on State Route 7. As you pass through the neighboring town of Morton, and head north on the winding, scenic highway, you will have three chances to make your right-hand turn into the outdoorsman haven — if you find yourself at a “T” intersection and staring at the well-known Mt. Rainier Scenic Train in Elbe, then you’ve gone too far.
With plenty of outdoor activities to offer, Mineral is home to just a little over 400 people. However, when opening fishing weekend arrives, the population has proved to be more than triple in past years. Being a town who gained life as a mining town, Mineral is now a tourist industry and gains most of it’s attention during opening weekend and throughout the better part of fishing season.
Mineral has been recognized in the past for a vary of reasons. One common catch phrase known locally is “Mineral Lake, home of the 10 pound trout.” The town has also gained attention for being home to one of the largest specimens of Douglas fir, being recorded to measure at 120 meters high. It is also home to the famous Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting in 1947.
With it’s little treasures such as the Mineral Lake Lodge and the local Mineral Market, Mineral has become one of the most visited fishing grounds in the Northwest and conveniently enough, is just 17 miles away from the entrance to Mt. Rainier Park, but with the perfect grandiose view from Mineral Lake, great fishing, and the small hometown feeling, why not just spend the weekend on the lake in Mineral, Wa.