Look For Early Spring Trout Action

Trout anglers can get a jump start of fishing activities in many year-round lakes across the state.

“We’ve already stocked fish in three lakes, and have a plan to stock about 97,000 more trout this month,” said Justin Spinelli, a state Fish and Wildlife biologist.
In Snohomish County, Gissburg Pond received 2,000 trout last week; Lake Ketchum, 2,000; and Martha Lake (Warm Beach), 3,000. In Island County, Lone Lake got 1,500.
In Kitsap County, Kitsap Lake received 4,952. In Mason County, Lake Kokanee was planted with 3,589; and Nahwatzel Lake got 5,497.
“We’ve got many other lakes getting a good allotment of trout, and Green Lake (in North Seattle) will be stocked heavily with trout,” Spinelli said.
Lakes on tap to for trout plants are Cranberry Lake in Island County; Alice, Angle, Beaver in Sammamish, Meridian, Rattlesnake and Sawyer in King County; Ballinger, Blackman’s, Cassidy, Chain, Flowing, Loma, Lost (Devils Lake) in Maltby, Panther, Shoecraft, Silver and Tye in Snohomish County.
Goodwin and Roesiger lakes were also stocked Dec. 4 with trout averaging 4-inches long, and all should grow to legal-size (about 8 inches) by spring and summer.
“Kokanee fishing should start turning on pretty soon in Angle, Stevens, Cavanaugh and Samish lakes,” Spinelli said. “Folks can start looking for warm water species fish. Yellow perch start spawning in late March, and will be schooling at shallower depths (10 to 15 feet).”
“Water temperatures are still cold enough, but that won’t alter them from feeding, and some species should already be eating regularly to help build up their energy for spawning,” Spinelli said.
In Southwest Washington, Lake Sacajawea was planted with 2,450 rainbow trout averaging just over a half-a-pound apiece on March 4. Battleground Lake was planted with 3,000 rainbow trout averaging just over a half-a-pound apiece on March 5.
Klineline Pond was planted with 1,500 rainbow trout averaging just over a half-a-pound apiece on March 5 Last Saturday (March 9), 34 bank anglers caught one trout. Lacamas Lake was planted with 5,000 rainbow trout averaging just over a half-a-pound apiece on March 4.
In Eastern Washington, trout fishing remains good at Upper Caliche, Martha, Quincy, Burke, Dusty, Lenice and Nunnally lakes were fair to good for trout.
Places like the Rufus Woods Reservoir has also seen an uptick in triploid rainbow catches. Roses Lake near Leavenworth is now free of ice, and bank anglers are catching some trout. The Potholes Reservoir has also produced some fair to good for trout action.
The chain of manmade lakes in the Upper Tucannon River area on the Wooten Wildlife Area in Columbia County stocked with thousands of trout including Big Four, Blue, Beaver, Deer, Rainbow, Watson and Spring.
Walk-in lakes at the Quincy Wildlife Area like Upper and Lower Spring, Cascade, Cliff, Dot, George, Cup and Crystal should be decent. Access into Quincy Wildlife Area is only allowed through gate located at north end access road. The south end access is closed due to recent vehicle vandalism.
In Stevens County, Deer Lake is a productive spot for trout, but is often covered with ice early on.
Anglers heading to Spokane/Lincoln County lakes like Downs; Liberty; Amber (catch and release only until April 27); Coffeepot (minimum size limit is 18 inches and daily limit is one trout); and Medical and North Silver (minimum size is 14 inches) are open for trout fishing.
Other noteworthy east side places to pursue trout this month are:
Benton County: Columbia River Pond (open for youth under age 15 and disability anglers only), 2,000 trout planted from March 1-15. Franklin County: Dalton Lake, 14,900 now through April; and Marmes Pond, 1,500 trout this month.
Kittitas County: Fio Rito Lake North, 2,000 March 1-15; Fio Rito Lake South, 1,500 March 1-15; Mattoon Lake, 2,400 March 1-15; and McCabe Pond, 700 March 1-15. Yakima County: Myron Lake, 1,000 March 1-15; Rotary Lake, 2,200 March 1-15; and Sarge Hubbard Park Pond (open for youth under age 15 and disability anglers only), 1,100 March 1-15.
State Fish and Wildlife updates their weekly trout catch reports in the middle of each week although some of the stocking in lakes does occur on Thursday and Friday. For details, go tohttp://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/reports_plants.html.
The traditional statewide lowland lakes trout opener is April 27.