Coastal Razor Clam Dig Success

The coastal razor clam digs from Thursday (March 7) through Sunday was excellent for the big crowd who turned out.

“One thing were working on is what clam digging opportunities are coming down the road (later this spring), but we had a great dig over the weekend with lots of happy clam diggers,” said Dan Ayres, the head state Fish and Wildlife coastal shellfish manager.
“We had a total of 32,600 diggers trips (21,000 of those occurred on Saturday), and they averaged 14.9 clams per person (the first 15 clams dug is a daily limit),” Ayres said. “That Saturday dig was only eclipsed by a Saturday dig in early February when we had 23,000 people.”
“The clams are fattening up really nice so that is another good sign,” Ayres said. “The surf did come up on Sunday, and people did struggle a tiny bit. We’ll see what happens tonight (Monday, March 11) at Twin Harbors.”
State Fish and Wildlife has set some tentative morning digs for March 28 and March 31 at Twin Harbors; March 29-30 at Twin Harbors, Long Beach, Copalis and Mocrocks. Final word should be know about a week before.
More digs are also planned in April and May.