Sorenson Bags Monster Moose

Jena Sorenson, 25, Chehalis, dropped this massive Canadian bull moose with one shot into the ribs from 300 yards out during a mid-September hunting trip to remote Northern British Columbia, just south of the Yukon. She was on a two-week hunting trip with her father, Darrell Sorenson. “It was a big one, a monster, huge for the record book,” Darrell Sorenson said. The horns measured 210 inches. She plans on having the moose mounted. The duo flew in via float plane, but had to pack their trophies out by horseback. In addition to the moose, Jena Sorenson also bagged a caribou and mountain goat. Darrell Sorenson came home with a moose and a grizzly bear, although his moose was a tad smaller than his daughter’s. Send in your hunting and fishing photographs to